Intern Mentorship

Intern Mentorship For Therapists/Counselors/Social Workers

You finished school, got an internship/practicum site, and now it’s time to become the therapist you want to be.

With this individualized six-month program you will:

Learn how to actively apply what you have learned in school in a real life way

Explore any triggering issues that arise so you can truly be present for your clients

Become congruent with who you are in life and in the therapy room.

Avoid Burnout!!! This is a big one! It will help create the strong sustainable practice you desire.

✓Truly practice what you preach. Often times we give so much in a healing profession, that we forget to take in our own suggestion

And most importantly….

*Trust in the work that you do.

This is a great program to compliment the supervision you are already receiving.

Six Month Program includes:

One session a week for the first two months

Two sessions a month the following four months

Unlimited email communication

If you are ready to invest in yourself, nurture your own life, and get to the heart of things

Then apply for a Complimentary Clarity Call and see if you’re a good match for this program.