Are YOU ready to be initiated into Higher Relationship with Yourself?

Do you feel like you keep reading books and listening to Podcasts but still feel Stuck in the same unsatisfying space in life

Do you feel like no matter what you do with food and movement, you still feel unHappy in your body?

Do you feel like its hard to have a deeply intimate relationship with your partner and friends?

Do you feel like your emotions have taken over and you are simply unhinged

Do you feel like your Nervous System is stuck in Overdrive and no matter what you try, you are stuck on Autopilot?

Here is what I KNOW….

The clearer I became on what feels good and what doesn’t, The better and better my life continues to be.

Are YOU Ready to be Initiated into a Higher Relationship with Yourself?

This journey is for 8 women who are 

Ready to Integrate ALL the information you have collected

Build a solid Foundation Of Your Truth….Your Essence

KNOW it is time to CHANGE

Have Radical Self Responsibility!

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In this process, it’s very common to lose our own worth, needs, our vision, and even our energy.

It’s time to lay a solid foundation for you to Create a deeply gratifying Healers Practice. Ready?!?

In this SAFE and Sacred space, you will Embark on the path you have been craving.

This is an intimate and powerful Experience for 8 women to grow and evolve in a sacred container.

The 8 weekly sessions will be via Zoom on Thursdays 10am-11:30am PST. Recordings will be available. 
Starting January, 25 2024.

We will explore our Belief and Limiting Beliefs Systems. 

Create accountability for Radical Self Responsibility,so you can feel equipped and empowered 
to Choose what your heart desires. Deeply aligned in your Values, Strengths and Skills. 

Become crystal clear on your intentions, goals and where you desire to expand in life.