Empowered Healing


Do you feel stuck in your current situation?

Are you ready for a real sustainable change?

Do you have a craving for a bigger life?

Have you lost your connection to your true self?

Have you tried for so long and nothing works?

Are you tired of just existing, and ready to live fully?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, I am here to offer you a solution.


By working together through these old patterns, you will begin to see there is a way out into a more fulfilling life.

With support, guidance, reassurance, and concrete tools we will create a program to meet your individualized needs.

*Here are just a few of the pieces we will explore:

✓Find your own voice

Learn how to separate your growing up story from your genuine grown-up story to reclaim
your life now.

 ✓Reconnect with your inner voice

Your intuition

✓Participate actively in your own life

Learn to stop existing in survival mode

✓Ground yourself

Identify simple techniques to use on a daily basis to connect to the now

✓Inhabit your body

Build confidence in your presence

✓Learn life skills

Money management

Explore and identify a career/education path 

3 Month Program

1 session a week for first two months

Every other week for the last month

Unlimited email communication

6 Month Program

1 session a week for the first two months

Every other week session for the following four months

Unlimited email communication