We often get stuck on autopilot in a society that values constant motion. When we fall into this pattern we often begin to internalize all the negative messages being put out by media, products, and even friends. It’s always beneficial to slow down and become more present and mindful.

Especially as women, society often tells us that we need to look a certain way. Everything from commercials to music on the radio emphasize being sexy. You are not alone in facing these negative images. To keep this negativity at bay remember that “sexy” is much more about how you feel than how you look. Real sexy is letting your true self come out of hiding and finding love in safe places. In the end we all want and need love more than anything else. And the best place to find love is within yourself.

It’s time to do exactly that, take a moment for yourself! Take a breather, find some clarity, learn how to achieve your goals and focus on your intentions. Make sure that you are on the top of your priority list! Take the first step today by taking a moment to relax and remind yourself…

You are sexy. You are beautiful. You are strong.