Although Halloween has come and passed, many of us may still be hiding behind a mask. As you take off your costume, the makeup and the masks make sure you take all the layers off. Embrace all of you. Your authentic self is beautiful, it’s time you let her out.

In a world that stresses the importance of outer beauty, it can be difficult to enjoy your inner beauty. It is tempting to hide behind a mask of makeup or certain clothing to show the world what it wants to see. Even so, if you don’t feel beautiful inside no one will believe the facade.

Take a moment to assess where you are with yourself. When you put on makeup are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? When you wear an article of clothing are you comfortable? When you look at yourself in the mirror are you happy with what you see? Are you speaking kindly to yourself?

We are taught to believe that there is only one beautiful and ideal body shape, but the truth is that everybody, everybody, is beautiful. Your inner beauty fuels your outer beauty. When you are happy and full of positive energy it seeps out. No matter how many layers you’ve uncovered, let’s be brave enough to show off a deeper layer.  Be confident in yourself and your inner Goddess.  

Let’s extend our knowledge to our children and help them build a sturdy foundation of love for themselves. Let’s teach by demonstration and show them that true beauty lies within and our self-worth is so much more than our outer looks.

It is time to take a step toward loving yourself.

Join the 5 Day Self-Care Challenge.

Together we can open our hearts and renew the relationship to ourselves and our bodies.