Last week I asked you to take a moment to acknowledge your wounds. This week let’s take the next step toward acceptance.

The first step to loving your body is to accept where you are right now. Take note of the feelings and thoughts you experience as I say that. Notice your inner dialogue. How are you speaking to yourself? You cannot love something you do not accept. 

Consider taking some of these steps to begin strengthening your relationship to yourself  and your body:

-Get rid of your scale. Your self worth cannot be measured by a number.

-Wear clothes that fit and are comfortable. If you have a section of clothes in your closet that is waiting for your body to be a different size, liberate yourself and get rid of it! If your body ends up changing sizes, then enjoy yourself and buy something new. Don’t be held hostage to your closet.

-Stop comparing yourself to others in real life or on social media. Most of the images you see on social media are more often than not altered and represent unnatural bodies and unattainable standards.

-Move your body in a way that feels good to you. Swim, spin, yoga, surf, dance, hike, jog, skate, paddle board. Don’t subject yourself to activities that make you feel self conscious but try to get comfortable moving in your own skin.

-No more speaking badly about your body. Don’t speak badly to yourself, a relative, or a friend.

If any of these stirred something up in you, try taking this step with us. It’s time to start taking your life back no matter what size or shape you are! 

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